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Welcome to Santa Barbara Eyelash Extensions.  Your expert Eyelash Extension specialist is Stephanie Gombrelli.  Stephanie is a licensed medical esthetician since 2002, and certified in Eyelash Extensions by NovaLash in 2006. 

Eyelash Extensions are a mascara replacement for the low-maintenance woman-on-the-go. It is for the woman who dislikes wearing make-up, and who wants to wake up beautiful. Just a splash of lip color, and  you’re out the door.

Eyelash Extensions differ from traditional strip or cluster lashes in that each synthetic lash is professionally applied to an individual lash with two pair of tweezers.  "Just think of the difference between hair extensions and a wig and you get the idea" Says Novalash.  The special Eyelash Extension adhesive is safe and never touches your skin.  A full set can take approximately 1-2 hours to apply.  It is a relaxing treatment when most clients tend to take a nap.  When complete, the result is a longer, thicker, darker, yet natural- looking set of eyelashes.  Now, that’s beauty rest!

Cat Eyelash Extensions The most commonly asked question is "How long do they last?" Although the eyelash extensions can range from regular synthetic, to silk and mink synthetic, to 100% real Mink Fur, the staying power of the lashes is to be found in Eyelash Extension adhesive and the skill of the Licensed Medical Esthetician.  Stephanie has been providing Eyelash Extension treatments in Santa Barbara since 2006 and uses only USA made pharmaceutical grade Eyelash Extension adhesive for best results.  When maintained properly, the Extensions usually last until the end of your natural lash growth cycle.


  • A full set of Silk Eyelash Extensions is $225.
  • A full set of 100% real Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions is $450.
  • A full set of colorful Rainbow Lashes is $225

Normal fill maintenance for either Silk or Mink

  • $65 every 2 weeks
  • $85 every 3 weeks
  • $105 every 4 weeks.
  • $175 if the fill is for a different estheticians eyelash extensions

Your appointment can be booked Monday through Friday @ 805/637-3711.

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Stephanie is a Licensed Medical Esthetician in the State of Californa and is also certified by Novalash

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